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51, Härkä, Ireland, Galway
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"PMs =25T - No Exceptions ! I DO NOT show in PUBLIC ! No Demands No Directing ! I'M here first and foremost because its my job ! #bbw #granny #mature #lesbian #old #smalltits #roleplay #dirtytalk #private #gilf #cougar #dogging #tease #stockings #fatass

Profiilin ZiggyP tärkeät tiedot

Seksuaalinen suuntautuminenBi
Pituus5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
Paino200 - 225 lbs [90 - 100 kg]
Rintojen kokoKeskikokoiset
Mikä kiihottaa minua
Sexy chat
Sexy peeps
Lisätietoja minusta
Fun, unassuming, mature lady looking for naughty fun! A real tease!
Mikä sammuttaa kiihottumiseni
Rude, arrogant peeps.
Pushy folk.

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Maanantai 23.00 – 4.00
Tiistai 0.00 – 5.00
Keskiviikko 17.00 – 19.00
Torstai 10.00 – 12.00
Perjantai 3.00 – 7.00
Lauantai 0.00 – 8.00
Sunnuntai 17.00 – 23.00
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A Nice Scrumptious Burger
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A Glass of Prosecco
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Out of this world... you're in a entirely different league, baby!!!
So sweet, fun & communicative <3
Go, go, go, go guys! She's worth more than double of all you could ever spend in her cosy room.
Shower her gorgeous, sexy body in tips and enjoy the shivering'n'shaking orgasms she'll take you through.

ZiggyP; it's who it always should B
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